About Me

I’m a Guide, an Emotional-Spiritual Educator, and a Sensitive.

And I’ve pretty much always been a “coach”, supporting people I care about to live big and inspired lives.  In fact, it’s my mission.

I understand only too well the high cost of allowing fear and low self-esteem to run my life.  There was truly no escape or peace from that prison ~ until I finally ignited my courage. The courage to honestly look at my life, clean up my past, lovingly accept all parts of myself, and finally claim my authentic self. Courage was the catalyst that also allowed me to move powerfully forward into my life’s mission of guiding people to live their own fullest expression. Into my work as The Courage Coach. Where my life and my purpose are one.

As your coach, I’ll teach you how to move beyond your fears and insecurities, your “stuck-ness”, low self-esteem, people-pleasing, and playing small.  I’ll guide you back to your heart where you will be led to become the confident, courageous woman you are meant to be.  A woman who with clarity moves powerfully and brilliantly forward into the life of purpose awaiting you.  Where you will finally feel free to be 100% and authentically “You”.  Where you will find peace and joy. And where you will truly change your life.

I know it’s all there waiting for you to claim. All you need is a little courage.

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