Courageous You

Courageous You!

A life-changing four-month program
for Sensitives, Healers and Creatives

Does this sound like you?

You see, feel, and experience the world differently. Most of all, your life has to have meaning, authenticity, purpose. And you yearn to be in synch with what you believe is calling to you, even if you have no idea of what that is.

You’ve been stuck for far too long and feel that something big is missing in your life.  You’ve probably even done all the self-help stuff… yet you’re still in the same place. You need help.  And you’re ready to make the commitment in a new way and do the work necessary to finally move forward.  Because you can’t take it any more. You’re ready. And you need the right person and the right program to get you there.

Can you imagine…

How it would feel to be in the flow of life?

To finally be unstuck, liberated from the fears and insecurities that have held you back?

To actually be living in alignment with who you really are?

To finally have peace, joy, fulfillment and a true sense of purpose?

If you can imagine living like that, this 4 month life-changing program is perfectly designed for you!

What’s “Courageous You” all about?

In this life-changing program, you’ll be taking yourself on as a cause, a most precious and worthy cause. And at the end of this exciting and inspiring four months, you will be living fully in your own authenticity and brilliance.

Why 4 months? Transformation doesn’t happen overnight. There is no quick-fix, one-size-fits-all program that actually works. And it doesn’t happen with someone telling you what to do. Because only you know what’s right for you. Immediately I begin guiding you to find your own answers. Not surprisingly, they lie deep within you, waiting to be discovered, waiting to lead you to clarity, confidence and courage. And to lead you to become a strong empowered woman who knows why she is here, what her mission is, and what she has to share with the world.

This coaching program will meet you where you are, and session by session, I will teach you how to be emotionally free and liberated from the limiting patterns of the past that have kept you small and safe. And frustrated.

How is this program different?

You’ve tried other approaches in the past and they just haven’t worked. You probably didn’t have the right approach or weren’t asked the right questions. Through this proven system, I know which powerful questions to ask, questions that will immediately open up new awareness and breakthroughs which will lead you to make new choices. Different choices. New, empowering choices that will start changing your life. NOW.

In Phase One…

You’ll learn about the culprit of fear and how it sabotages all our greatest desires, undermining our clarity, confidence and courage. We’ll next discuss the concept of the inner Courageous Warrior that we are all birthed with, the strong guiding force within that with clear intention, wants us to live to our fullest potential.  She can be our greatest ally and can powerfully lead us to the lives we envision for ourselves.

As I then lead you to meet your own Courageous Warrior, with her guidance you’ll define the issue ~ a block, obstacle, something that’s holding you back, or even your highest desire ~ that you will be taking on during this coaching process. This happens in our first call and it will serve as the foundation for all our work together. You’ll easily discover this issue as I guide you to bypass your brain (and all its limiting white noise!) and access the wisdom of your heart.

You’ll be surprised by how easy it is to access your inner wisdom in this way, wisdom you didn’t even know was there, waiting for you. Imagine how it will feel to finally connect with your own answers; answers you know are true because they come from deep inside yourself. Answers that will keep moving you forward and closer to your goal.

This process of transformation moves you from your head to your heart. It changes the way you act and the way that you view reality. Ultimately, it leads you to manifest your mission, share your gifts, and live your life in personal power and flow.

From the beginning of our work together, I began to make changes. ~ M.M.

I have done a lot of personal development, but was stuck in several areas of my life.  First session blew me away because through the process, I discovered that I had low self-esteem.  ~ C.M.

In Phase Two…

You’ll be working very closely with your inner Courageous Warrior, the source of your courage and confidence. Since she represents the strength and clarity of your authentic self, your Courageous Warrior’s mission is to guide you to lead a life of brilliance by aligning you with your Courageous and Inspired Vision. And she does that through her Seven Codes.

These Seven Codes will inspire you to reset your inner world, healing old thoughts, beliefs and behaviors, while you begin the exciting and profound journey of becoming a powerful, confident and Courageous Warrior of Love.

Through the practice of working with the Seven Codes, you’ll be led to gently embrace the very things you’re most afraid of, and in doing so will unlock the secrets to re-inventing yourself and to discovering who you really are. And you will keep shedding the many layers of the limiting story of who you thought yourself to be as you begin to shine your light as the brilliant woman you are meant to be.

Amy gently supported me and firmly kept me moving forward. ~ B.R.

Although I have done much inner work over the years, I felt stuck in an area of my life crucial for my sense of fulfillment. Through her gentle coaching Amy led me on a journey where to my amazement I discovered and experienced in each session life long feelings connected with past events and the ways in which they were holding me back from living fully with courage.  Amy’s supportive responses helped me clarify my life’s purpose.  ~ M.M.

In Phase Three…

You will be living in courage and confidence. In fact, you may just become unrecognizable to yourself!

Amy’s perceptiveness and compassion expressed in her wonderfully soothing voice helped me transform to a place where I feel fully alive and look forward to each day with my unrecognizable self. ~ M.M.


Using all that you have learned within the Courageous You program, you will now have the tools to live your Courageous Vision every day. And that’s the key. To not just learn a new way of being ~ but to be living those changes daily. So you have a new story.  So the changes and new choices solidify and become part of the new you. You, filled with potential and brilliance and purpose.

You, standing firmly in a place of peace and self-love, where you can step fully into your power and live the inspired life you deserve. You, living your divine design.

As I completed the program, I felt like a creativity faucet had been turned on.  Things that I have wanted to do are actually happening – not just in the planning stage. Thank you, Amy, for helping me to have the courage to clear the way for my POTENTIAL!  ~ C.M.

Each week she took me on a journey within myself to find my heart’s true desire and she helped me move beyond my fears into a place of acceptance and self-discovery, showing me how to transform negative self-beliefs into positive behaviors and new ways of perceiving myself.  I could feel the scales of shame fall from me as we worked.  Amy’s support and kindness and her very gentle manner always helped me let go and move forward.  A great healing took place.  I now see a future of possibilities. I can’t really express how grateful I am to Amy, she has changed my life.  ~ B.R.

The promise of a more “Courageous You”

Can you imagine how it would feel to be in the flow of life? To finally be unstuck, liberated from what has held you back, and to be actually living in alignment with who you really are?   To finally have peace, joy, fulfillment and a true sense of purpose?

That is the promise of this program. As long as you do the work, it will take you there. Your Courageous Warrior will continue to hold the clear vision of your divine potential, leading you to continue making your highest choices, leading you to a life you might never imagined was possible, leading you to continue to live in courage and confidence. And you will see that through your own investment in yourself, by your commitment to doing the work, and to my guiding you along the way, it was indeed possible to change your life.

This program is right for you if…

You’re ready to get unstuck;

You’re tired of mediocrity and frustration and want “more” in your life;

You’re ready to be open and honest and willing to see things differently;

You’re ready to commit to yourself, to do the work necessary to change your life;

You want a coach to guide you to discovering your own right answers and your own right action steps and to hold you accountable so you can reach your goals; and

You’re ready to live life to your full potential, even if you have no idea of what that even could be.

This program is not right for you if…

You’re expecting someone else to tell you what to do and to do the work for you;

The timing is not right for you to commit to investing the time and effort to do the work that will bring the changes you desire; or

You’re not open to looking at yourself in new ways.

How the Courageous You program works;

Either a 30 minute intro phone call or a Courage One session is a requirement for us to get to know each other

Our coaching process will continue over four months, with a 75-120-minute phone session held every two weeks (total of 11 sessions)

Between sessions you will have assignments to complete to strengthen the muscles of courage and confidence within you

Between sessions we’ll have one “check-in” email exchange to keep you on track

You will submit to me a completed Pre-session Call Prep Form 24 hours prior to each session so you can track your progress and to put into words what’s been happening over the previous two weeks

Prior to each session I will send you a Worksheet to print out and have with you during our call so you can take notes


$1,995*  (if paid in full before the program begins)

$2,195* (if paid in 4 monthly installments of $548.75)

*The price of this program will be discounted by $175 if you enroll within 30 days of a Courage One session

Other payment plans available.

First Step…

Your first step is to schedule either an introductory call or a Courage One Session.

Courage One

A single results-oriented session designed to powerfully start you on your journey to clarity, courage and confidence.  Or to move you to your next higher level.

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Introductory Call

A free introductory discussion helps you decide if Courage Coaching is for you and, just as important, if I’m the right coach for you.

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