I’m so grateful for you, and continue to be in awe of your capacity and presence. I really meant it when I said I’m forever changed, Amy. Thank you, again.

– P.W.

Going through Amy’s coaching process was one of the best things I have ever done for myself! When I reached out to Amy, my goal was to figure out my career. I felt a desire to be doing “more,” but I just didn’t know what that was. As we started the coaching process, I soon realized that other areas of my life needed attention before taking on my career. I discovered false, negative beliefs I’ve been carrying about myself that have been holding me back. I came to believe that my feelings matter and my voice matters. I took responsibility for events in my past, and I am better at recognizing and following things that spark my excitement. And it wasn’t just understanding these things intellectually; in every session we came up with actions steps to keep me moving forward. Amy was extremely supportive, encouraging, and made sure I stayed on track through it all. By the end I did figure out my career – which I am excitedly and proudly working towards – but more importantly, I feel more sure of myself than when I started, I’m kinder and more forgiving of myself, and I have tools to continue raising the bar to reach the life that I want. Thank you, Amy!

– D.N.

I would not be where I am today without Amy’s help. My professional life was stuck. I was grieving the loss of a mentor and friend, new management was creating an intolerable work environment, and I knew I needed to make changes. I was in my own way, however. My resentment and anger over my situation came through in countless ways and I was not putting my best self out there. Amy helped me let go of the anger and resentment I carried with me, helped me rediscover the valuable person I deep down knew I was, and helped me find the confidence I needed to get back on track. I am in a far better place professionally and emotionally because of Amy and I cannot recommend her more highly.

– W.R.

Amy, where do I begin? From my first meeting with you I knew you were extremely special and connected to something much bigger. All I can keep saying is thank you for being such a beautiful instrument of the higher power! You have touched me profoundly with being so in tune to what you are doing and who you are with ~ what an example you set for plugging into your passion and best self and sharing that with others!

– N.S.

I am delighted to share my Courage Coaching experience.  I have done a lot of personal development, but was stuck in several areas of my life.  First session blew me away because through the process, I discovered that I had low self-esteem.  Each coaching session took clear steps to carefully and respectfully identify the components of this low self-esteem.  Amy gently supported me and firmly kept me moving forward.  When the program was done, I felt like a creativity faucet had been turned on.  Things that I have wanted to do are actually happening – not just in the planning stage.  I know that when I experience this stuck feeling again….I will contact Amy for coaching.  Thank you, Amy, for helping me to have the courage to clear the way for my POTENTIAL!

– C.M.

Although I have done much inner work over the years, I felt stuck in an area of my life crucial for my sense of fulfillment. Through her gentle coaching Amy led me on a journey where to my amazement I discovered and experienced in each session life long feelings connected with past events and the ways in which they were holding me back from living fully with courage.  Amy’s supportive responses helped me clarify my life’s purpose.  From the beginning of our work together, I began to make changes.  Amy’s perceptiveness and compassion expressed in her wonderfully soothing voice helped me transform to a place where I feel fully alive and look forward to each day with my unrecognizable self. I feel blessed to have had Amy as a guide.

  – M.M.

I would like to start by saying that Amy was gentle, accepting and kind throughout the process. Each week she took me on a journey within myself to find my heart’s true desire and she helped me move beyond my fears into a place of acceptance and self-discovery, showing me how to transform negative self-beliefs into positive behaviors and new ways of perceiving myself.  I could feel the scales of shame fall from me as we worked.  Amy’s support and kindness and her very gentle manner always helped me let go and move forward.  A great healing took place.  I now see a future of possibilities.  I can’t really express how grateful I am to Amy, she has changed my life.  And I will go to her for “tune-ups” when needed.  I have been thrilled to encourage other people to employ her as a Life Coach. I know they will be as satisfied as I am.

– B.R.

She really helped me think things through and to take measures to the next level in order to get results.  I cannot thank her enough for the wonderful insight, support, and encouragement that she gave me. Thank you Amy for doing an incredible job!

– S.C.

Amy Stone is a great coach, and has a remarkable skill for leading people through Debbie Ford’s process of healing the shadow self. I felt motivated and supported to make some significant improvements both personally and professionally. I highly recommend working with Amy Stone to anyone who wants to improve their lives and embrace more of their inner strengths and talents!

– L.H.

I started my coaching program knowing I was out of integrity with myself.  I described it as “Friction on my Soul”. Working with Amy was perfect because it was all about self discovery, with her stimulating the process. She gently held me accountable to my action plan each week and I looked forward to every call even knowing I had hard work ahead of me.  There are major changes in how my work gets done so I can connect with “play”.  My life now has more joy that is palpable. Thank you for helping me to connect with blissful balance!

– C.M.

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